About Us

The Minnesota Jewelry Arts Guild (MNJAG) was created to support jewelry artists through education and
the promotion of handcrafted jewelry.

Our Origin Story:

In the year or so leading up to the formation of MNJAG, there were dozens of conversations between small groups of local Minnesotan jewelry artists about our vibrant creative community and how we wished there were an easy way for us to connect with each other and support all of our work. Eventually several of these conversations merged, and a plan was formed. We brought all of the smaller groups together, met in studios and garages and, after sharing our hopes and dreams for a broader community, formed the Minnesota Jewelry Arts Guild.

Here are our goals:

Educating our members about how to become the best artists they can be. We do this by hosting workshops, panel discussions and artists’ talks to support the continued development of our members’ business skills and the growth of their artistic voices. We foster opportunities for artists to share their best practices in business and in craft, and we hope to inspire one another to push our own creativity and technical skill.

Educating the general public about the value of handcrafted jewelry. We do this by sharing the skill and vision that is required to create unique wearable art. We show consumers how they can share their individuality and style through wearing handcrafted jewelry, and we promote the idea of collecting art jewelry as a joyful pursuit.

Building communities, among and between jewelry artists and collectors. We do this by creating informal opportunities for jewelry artists to share their successes and challenges, form friendships, and encourage one another. We foster public and private conversations about art jewelry, and we create and promote events that will connect collectors with our artists.

Promoting the work of our members. We do this by presenting several sales events and gallery shows each year. We offer a platform for connecting collectors and consumers with our artists on our website, and we connect our artists to outside sales and gallery opportunities whenever possible.

The Minnesota Jewelry Arts Guild (MNJAG) was established in 2014 as a Minnesota non-profit organization with a purpose of education, creating community, and promoting the work of our members. Our membership is open to anyone who is interested in art jewelry, and who wishes to support the creation of handcrafted jewelry in Minnesota and beyond.

MNJAG Mix Event


Mix is an informal gathering with MNJAG members to catch-up and share our ideas and experiences on a chosen topic. Meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of the month at varying local pubs.

Past topics have ranged from “how to price your work” to a fun brainstorming/problem-solving discussion about members’ UFOs (unfinished objects). The atmosphere is both lively and welcoming, with a free exchange of ideas between a wide range of artists. Members are encouraged to come prepared with ideas and examples for the chosen topic, but can just show up and still enjoy a convivial community if they wish.

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